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Rohan creates body silhouette…

Heiankyo era (A.D.700's), Nara was the capital city in Japan. Nara prefecture holds various national treasure buildings, such as Todai Temple, Shosoin, Yakushiji, Kasuga Grand Shrine, Kofukuji, Motokyoji, Toshodaiji. This is the place holding the highest number of Japanese national treasure buildings. There are Buddhas, buildings and people in Nara.

These various works are made by "Human's knowledge and motivity". All of these are the highest perfection made by human. "Human's passion and insistence" have deep message to future ages. Those presence is overwhelming in this era and keeps giving strong impression to the people visiting from all over the world.

Rohan mind
That is the world's only painting craftsman creating the ultimate satisfaction and sensation.

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Nara, various national treasure builndings are existing. I was born and raised in this place.
And since I was young, I had seen so many Buddha's and buildings which can say art, then held deep passion in my heart about massive presence of human's passion and insistence, and also highest perfection of those arts being all made by human being in long time ago.

By seeing a car was painted beautifully in my neighbor repair workshop, I got a feeling to become "painter" and stepped into the world of painting when I was 18.
I started with regular painting and during pursuing the highest paint quality which nobody can follow, I got deep emotion in custom painting which beyond dimension of conventional painting.
The world of custom paint had "knowledge, passion and insistence" which equals to the art of national treasure buildings in Nara.

For the world's only "ultimate beauty and highest sensation"...
I really want to create the history through custom paint.
With the one and only, highest mind...



  • G COAT

    The Japanese representative custom painter, Izawa, the principal of Rohan and Signal Show Up, the major player in paint industry collaborated and developed the long-awaited, innovative and new generation new Candy color… The name is called "G Kandy".
    Grinding colorant into nano level with the state-of-art technology achieves higher transparent, and furthermore by blending a special resion, it passed 3-year ultraviolet light test and suceeded to avoid discoloring.
    G Kandy is one-component type Polyurethane candy paint.Compared with conventional candy colors, it dries quicker and improve the work efficiency.
    It perfect paint for Grinder Tatto and Graphic painting.
    Please feel and enjoy the superb quality custom paint with the completely new paint "G Kandy" which has better durability, light resistance and heat resistance than conventional dye based candy colors, and reverses your concept.

  • G COAT

    The ultimate mineral glass coating agent developed and thoroughly supervised by Izawa, the principal of Rohan, without any compromising. That is called "G Coat".
    High purity hard glass coat having ultra durability not only protects, polishes and lusters the painted surface but also is good for incombustibility, chemical and contamination resistant, then as the result, protects the painted surface with the highest hardness glass cost.
    G Coat is the mineral glass coating agent which cleared the hardness of paint protection (6H and harder) and fully prepared the test data tested by the third official organization, which is a local independent organization called Kyoto Industrial Technology Research Institute.
    G Coat is the ultimate coating agent showing its effect at maximum on not only special custom painted cars but also every kind of car.
    Also, G Coat can be used on not only plastic parts, head light, rim but also every part of car body.


    Metal All Paint which has been giving surprising and sensation all over the world and awarded not only at Japanese car shows but also various car shows in the world.
    That originally invented and blended "Metal Paint" which took over 10 years of development by Izawa, Rohan, is now going out into the market. That is called "Iz Metal"...So many companies have been trying to develop a similar paint, but no one can achieve it.
    Iz Metal is the world's first metal paint which is able to paint like regular car paint in the paint booth.
    Conventional chrome system paint can not avoid the discoloring which is affected by sunlight.
    Iz Metal containing aluminum system material is the epoch-making paintwhich realizes no discoloring and has higher stability.
    Iz Metal is the Rohan's representative and one and only product.

    *Please forewarn that Iz Metal is sold only to Rohan official distributor, and needs to make the contract beforehand.


    Rohan's originally designed body kits which targets mainly on American cars will be launched at Rohan booth in 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon with installing on Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger as the first lineup.
    Rohan body kit which has not only delicacy and beautiful design but also higher quality like Rohan's custom paint quality, is developed and thoroughly supervised by Izawa.
    Rohan body kit is not only fusing with its original shape of each American car but also turns it into sophisticated, stylish and luxury shape.
    Stay tuned Rohan's original body kit expanding to all over the world.

    Coming Soon!!



Engraving, the artistic painting technique which created by masterly craftsman and with Rohan originally developed car body paint material. Highly skilled craftsman engraves each pattern one by one, and by painting with special paint material on it, it becomes higher artistic and one and only product.


ROHAN's "All Painting" always pursues the "highest quality" with the pride of the top leader in custom paint industry! ROHAN's "Straight Candy Paint" pursues the ultimate transparency with unbounded gloss and depth which no one can follow!


Graphic Painting created by the custom painter, Takahiko Izawa, who always has been creating new, innovative and high-level painting techniques realizes the "World's only one ultimate beauty"! "Graphic Painting" using many painting techniques such as "Jackpot Flash", "Silver Leef", "Zebra Wave", "Real Water" and etc. which were developed by Takahiko Izawa creates the ultimate presence customized car!


Three dimensional modeling everyone desires to touch and masking technique with great accuracy turn the car body into luxury accessories! This technique can be done not only on the parts such as hood, door mirror, garnish and etc. but also on the whole car body!


Prepared various high quality menu for realizing your dream such as, "Ghost Grinder" which shows various look depending on weather and time, "Pearl Color Grinder" which had been considered irrealizable for many years, "Gradation Grinder" which gives great impact.


“Body kit painting”, which is the today's customizing mainstream! Body kit painting which is painted and finished by ROHAN's original know-how realizes the ultimate finishing! The committed technical strengths such as masking technique with great accuracy which is baked in higher temperature in the painting booth before surface treatment, mirror finishing and etc. realizes beautiful body kit painting!


Full smoothing over fender realizes the ultimate natural car body line which surpass the original body line and is impossible with screw fixed body kit! Please enjoy and feel high quality body works realizing your request, not only sheet-metal work but also FRP fender smoothing!


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