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  2. ご注文方法

ご相談とお見積もりConsultation and Quotation

  • Please consult with the above mentioned KUHL shops. You can visit our shop, call us or contact us by fax and/or email.
    And it would be really helpful for us to bring or send a photo and/or magazine which appears a paint color and/or image you are considering.
  • KUHL shops are displaying demo car(s) with ROHAN custom paint and/or Grinder Hood sample(s) and etc., so please feel free to visit us.

お車・パーツを確認させていただきながら最終お見積り Official quotation by checking the actual car and/or parts

  • We provide you the official quotation with full details by checking the actual car or the parts in face-to-face or e-mail.
    We carefully quote each case, as the working hour and/or detaching parts price vary depending on each car and parts.
  • The official quotation is issued only after checking the actual car, as the processing, detaching and other fees vary depending on your car paint surface condition, whether or not body kit, audiovisual parts and/or optional parts are installed.
    For quotation of a parts, please bring the parts to the above shops or ship it by a delivery service. (Grinder Tatoo process on the carried-in parts is quoted only after checking the actual parts, as we may not be able to process it in case there is a dent and/or a deep scratch on the parts.)

ご注文とお支払い Order receipt and payment confirmation

  • After issuing the official quotation and confirmed at your side, we give you the receipt of your purchase order and delivery lead time.
    Please make the down payment of 30% of your total customizing fee as the deposit at the receipt of your purchase order.
  • During keeping your car in our shop, if requested, we can provide a loaner car for free of charge.
  • We accept credit card payment and/or finance loan for your payment.

納車・発送 Delivery

  • We contact you when the car or the parts will be completed soon. And please make the payment of the balance due by the date of completion of the car or the parts. For car delivery, please visit our shop or we deliver the car to you by land transportation.
    (For land transportation, we may charge a fee separately)
  • For parts delivery, we ship the parts firmly packed, not to be scratched during the delivery.
  • Please forewarn that car and parts are dispatched only after confirming your payment.


ROHAN取り扱い販売店 ROHAN authorized dealer

ROHAN商品は、KUHL SHOP2店舗にて販売しております。 ROHAN products are sold at the following 2 KUHL shops.


プレミアムスポーツとハイブリッドスポーツコンプリートカーの販売・ドレスアップチューニング Premium sports and Hybrid sports complete car sales, customizing and tuning.

〒459-8007 愛知県名古屋市緑区大根山2-503 2-503 Oneyama, Midori-ku, Nagoya city,
Aichi 459-8007 Japan

T E L 052-693-9805 (+81-52-693-9805)
F A X 052-693-9306
営業時間 10:00〜19:00
定休日 水曜日

プレミアムミニバン・ワゴンとスポーツSUVコンプリートカーの販売・ドレスアップチューニング Premium minivan, wagon and sports SUV complete car sales, custo mizing and tuning.

〒480-0305 愛知県春日井市坂下町6丁目912番地1 6-912-1 Sakashita-cho, Kasugai city,
Aichi 480-0305 Japan

T E L 0568-93-0305 (+81-568-93-0305)
F A X 0568-93-0354
営業時間 10:00〜19:00
定休日 水曜日