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Silver metal painting


Using the originally blended metal paint which Mr. Izawa has co mpleted inventing for more than 10 years,
he paints each car part in the painting booth.
Repeating painting and drying several times at Metal painting d edicated painting booth,
high-brightness, deep and beautiful Metal paint ing is completed.

  • シルバーメタル塗装
  • シルバーメタル塗装
  • シルバーメタル塗装
  • シルバーメタル塗装

Gold metal painting


After silver metal painting, he puts the gold metal painting. This process creates the gold color with the metallic texture.
By pain ting gold candy, the house of the color, the silver metal painting that is the first coat, shines.
That enables the part to sparkle strongly.

  • ゴールドメタル塗装
  • ゴールドメタル塗装
  • ゴールドメタル塗装
  • ゴールドメタル塗装

商品の特異性と優位性Product specificity and Superiority

  • By skilled craftsmen, it is a highly artistic all handmade product that carefully carved one item at a time.
  • By the original developed metal paint, it is finished in a coloring drifting luxury which exceeds the plating processing.
    By overlaying paint films in many layers, distinctive coloring with a deep sense of depth is characteristic.

メタル塗料の特徴と特殊性Metal paint Features and specialty

  • Our company's metal paint is working on development for many years by each company, but there is no paint that could be commercialized.
    Our metal paint is a paint booth and it is the world's first metal paint that can be painted like ordinary automotive paint.
  • Currently it is impossible to avoid discoloration due to sunlight for paint by existing chrome system etc.
    Our metal paint is an epoch-making paint with high stability feeling without worry of discoloration by using raw material of aluminum.