for diyコーティング施工車両のメンテナンスにも最適。


The new car shampoo can wash and coat your car with a bottle.
Also best for the maintenance on coated vehicles.

G Shampoo

This is the first item for general user from ROHAN.Compared with usual wax in shampoo, it does not have oil composition nor abrasive. So it is rare to be stained, and you can use not only uncoated vehicles but also for coated vehicles as a maintenance agent.This it completely new coating shampoo with out-standing washing, water repellency, and coating effect.Its effect will last about a month, but you will see more sheen and water repellency if you use it repeatedly.

G Shampooジーシャンプー | 500ml¥6,600(品番:GS-01)(PN:GS-01)

  • 付属品:希釈用ボトル、洗車用スポンジ、クロス
  • 効果持続期間:約1ヵ月
  • Accessories: Bottle for dilution, car wash sponge, and cloth.
  • Duration: about a month
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