for diyコーティング施工車両のメンテナンスにも最適。


Spray, then wipe up. Luster and water repellent coating agent.
Also best for the maintenance on coated vehicles.

SH coat

This is the processed coating agent we use for ROHAN demo cars, such as Impala, for general use. It also include siloxane as “G coat,” which is the glass coating agent for professional use. You just spray on the car body and wipe it up, and you can use it on wet car. You can use it on many parts, like car body, windows, chrome parts, resin parts, wheels, etc… You will see the wetly deep gloss, outstanding water repellency, and excellent feel after the coating. Also, it prevents attaching the dusts. And its effects will last for long.

SH coatエスエイチコート | 300ml¥8,800(品番:SC-01)(PN:SC-01)

  • 付属品:クロス
  • Accessories: Cloth
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